The Gym Clinic
The Gym Clinic
Sometimes you may hear us talk about “food volume”.

Well if you ever wonder what it is, this image will summarise it. It’s foods that keep our stomachs full.

Check out this calorie comparison of oils, to protein to vegetables.

You can see for the same Calories you get a lot more vegetables which fill our stomachs stopping us eating more.

They are also Fibrous helping digestion 👌
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The Gym Clinic
The Gym Clinic
The things our clients send us 😂😂😂

But they still love us 😁....#lovehatekindathing
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The Gym Clinic
The Gym Clinic
When your trainer your face 😡😭🤡
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The Gym Clinic
The Gym Clinic
Are you stuck in the typical ‘dieting cycle’? You know it’s looks like this:

1: thinking about going on a diet.
2: researching the latest diet everyone is on.
3: pick and try a diet for 2-3 weeks.
4: stop dieting because of stuff.
5: feel bad about not dieting.
6: binge on food because you feel guilty
7: gain back any weight some more.
8: repeat.

Let’s be honest ‘dieting’ f**king sucks! An quite often it’s easy to fall off the wagon. If you want real advice that will kick your weight/fat loss into over drive let us know in the comments of this post and we will help you out with some FREE actionable advice that you can do today....don’t worry we don’t bite 😋
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The Gym Clinic
The Gym Clinic
Congratulations to @Aggie Leighton (yes I miss read the name 🤦‍♂️) you are our winner!!!!

But as I said on the FB live, we want to reward everyone for taking a chance and entering the prize draw! Everyone will receive a FREE 7 day gym pass, one of our ebooks (related to your goals) and a special consolation prize. I will be sending these out over the weekend.

Please note if the winner does not respond to our messages we will have to pull another name out of a hat....hopefully we will have a better hat next time 😉

Thanks guys

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